Master’s project modelling biogeomorphodynamics in Caribbean bays

MSc project: Hydrodynamic ⟶ Biogeomorphic model for shallow bays in tropical islands

A new MSc project investigating biogeomorphodynamics in Sint Maarten coastal bays, in collaboration with and funded by Deltares. Contributing to the NWO-funded project SCENES: Multi-scale modelling of the Caribbean Sea, from global-scale inputs down to complex ‘fractal-like’ bays and inlets.

  • Delft3D / D-Flow model
  • Impact of possible future sea level rise,
 erosion, changing shape of bays
  • Join observations expedition
 in Sint Maarten (possibility)
  • Application of theory
  • Navier-Stokes based hydrodynamics
  • Morphology, biology driven
  • High Performance Computing

Working with Adam Candy, Julie Pietrzak, Marcel Zijlema and others in Physical Oceanography and Environmental Fluid Mechanics. Further collaboration with climate modellers at the University of Utrecht and marine biologists at NIOZ.

Download a PDF version of the project description.

Contact me for further details, and happy to talk through – please visit office 2.87 of the CEG building. There are additional possibilities for MSc projects on data and modelling of the Caribbean Sea also that I am happy to talk through. Some of these can be found here.