Opportunity for master’s students to join RV Pelagia expedition

The RV Pelagia is crossing the Atlantic and there is a chance for master’s students to join the scientific team. Are you interested in a career in oceanography or marine sciences? Join NICO — the National Initiative Changing Oceans! This multidisciplinary scientific expedition organized by NIOZ Sea Research and NWO gives you a view on our changing seas and an exclusive chance for your master thesis.

Scientists in Hydraulic Engineering at TU Delft are actively using the RV Pelagia for ongoing research. I was part of a scientific team onboard the RV Pelagia last year in a month-long observational campaign over Sababank in the Caribbean, just south-west of the Dutch Leeward islands. It was a fantastic experience and an opportunity to work in a close-knit team. The boat is planned to travel from NIOZ Texel to the Caribbean between January — June in 2018. You are challenged to come up with ideas on how 2-4 weeks fieldwork onboard could be used in a master thesis in Hydraulic Engineering!

See the details below, and note there is only a month to apply. Deadline 1st December 2017.

There are possibilities to develop a MSc project from this, or link with those posted here on data and modelling of the Caribbean Sea. Contact me for further details, and happy to talk through – please visit office 2.87 of the CEG building.

Map of the planned route for RV Pelagia.
NICO Invitation for students to join the NICO expedition

A more detail description of the opportunity and application procedure is available in this PDF download.

There is also additional information on the wider National Initiative Changing Oceans (NICO) here on this NIOZ page.